Sunday, July 22, 2007


Østerbrogade 57 at 2.30 am

adding this the next day you can see the two phots full size here:- screeech screeech bang - a photoset on Flickr

screaming brakes and a bang was what I heard at about 2:30 am whilst sitting in my garden drinking a cold glass of white wine

I rushed in to my kitchen and grabbed my mobile phone in case an ambulance was needed

when I got to the scene of the accident, a policeman had the situation under control so I took these two snaps and went home.
As a test back in my garden I blogged one of them directly from my new phone Picture of the day: Accident

0045 3166 1936

and received an sms with a token for Blogger: Blogger Mobile whenI logged on it gave me the option of moving the blog post and linking the new blog to an existing account
which I did


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